Men In Floral Print? Bright Vs Neutral Color Blazers.

For some time, the fashion world has had an obsession with floral print. and one quite obvious reason might be the prevalence of indie & street fashion. How exactly this managed to spill over into luxury style is still up for debate. The truth is however, that boutonnieres are the classic flower that charming men worn way back when, and till this day is still a favorite. However, as anything modern, new generations love taking things to the extreme. Floral prints all over the blazer? Absolutely. For men? Why not?

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The Mens Floral Blazer

It is true though, that the word “fad” shouldn’t be used in this context. The floral blazer can be designed in a number of ways to make it impossible to be just a fad, but more of a new way of looking at style for men. The question is however; Exactly when does it start to get a bit too much? This is where the colors of the blazer come into question, actually. Blazers with brighter hues, or actually, any clothes with too many bright colors can raise an eyebrow, well maybe two. The key to floral blazers working for you? Play safe with the colors. For starters, this does not mean that brighter hues should be obsolete.

Mens Floral Blazer Styles at

Bright Vs. Neutral Colors

Bright color blazers can work, and amazingly well. Just be sure to pair them with the right clothing and accessories. This will tone down anything extreme and bring everything into balance. For men who want to have a vibrant, and fun blazer, sporting a navy blue t-shirt inside the floral blazer is a great start.

Neutral color blazers might be a first choice for many men. However, the key here is to first decide if you’re comfortable with the whole “neutral” look. This can make your entire outfit darker than you may want. In some cases, this can be a good thing – especially sine the popularity of sleek fashion is at an all time high.

The Winner?

It might be quite obvious that there is a tie. Both bright an neutral color blazers have their pros and cons. The determining factor of whether or not you should get one really relies on how well you pair the blazer with your other clothes. The good thing however, is that either way, you’ve got a mens floral blazer, and you’re defiantly in style!